Welcome to Hope Outreach International

Evangelistic Event

We here at Hope Outreach International are so thankful that you have decided to stop by for a while at our website. In this site you will be able to view the different nations in which we are involved with in ministry, as well as the different types of ministries. Our primary focus is to present the Gospel to a world that is in need of the one and only Savior Jesus Christ. We are also involved with Evangelistic Events, Leadership Conferences, Hope Children’s Home, Children’s Feeding & Education Programs, Underground Church Work, Discipleship Training, Pastoral Training, Church Planting along with several other Kingdom building programs.

We invite you to please consider partnering with us in reaching this vast harvest field for Christ. There are so many souls waiting to hear the Gospel in remote villages of Asia as there are souls waiting in Africa and South America to hear the good news of our blessed Savior. Thank you so much for your kind consideration to partner with us in reaching the world with hope, and that hope is only found in Christ. God bless you all!

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