Fantastic Conferences in Cambodia!


I am so excited to share about the two most recent conferences in Cambodia that were such a great success! Many pastors traveled long distances to attend. Some of them are dealing with some of the same struggles that pastors back home have also encountered. One pastor wore a certain t-shirt every service with the writing: “God’s not finished with me yet”. You can actually see him in a red  shirt in the picture above. That really touched my heart, because no matter the struggle, if we press on with faith in Christ we will overcome, and God  is surely not finished with you yet. As long as we have breath God is not finished with us. Glory to  God!   38732719_10156745561024238_4120445221232181248_o

Many of the pastors traveled long distances to  attend these conferences, and they are so thankful that you helped make it possible for them to  attend. They were so hungry for more of God! They prayed earnestly for their family and ministry.


The time at the alter was very precious as these pastors reached out to our Creator, our Holy God, who called them into the ministry. Both conferences, the one in Siam Reap and the other in Kandal Province were such a blessing to over 100 pastors and church leaders! Thank you all so very much for your generous support and prayers that helped to make these conferences a reality for so many! They are encouraged, excited and refreshed and have now traveled back to their villages and towns sharing what they had learned at these conferences. I hope you are blessed as you see the hunger that these folks have for our Lord. God is so good!


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